Breaking news! Anyfun Home production base -- Selah industrial park has been listed as a major project in Shandong province in 2020!
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Notice of 2020 major project list launched by Shandong Provincial Government (hereinafter referred to Notice) is issued by on the website of the shandong 

provincial government on February 12th,2020. The notice declares the list of major construction projects and major preparatory projects in shandong province

 in 2020.Serra industrial park, a sino-foreign joint venture established by Rizhao Anyfun Home Construction Co., Ltd. and Selah Technology Company Limited, 

has been listed as a major project in Shandong province in 2020.


To be selected as a provincial major project, it shall meet the standards of big investment, advanced technology and good market prospect, and be one of 

the top ten industries in the province. The selection of Selah Industrial Park is the recognition of the provincial Party Committee and Provincial government

 for the exploration and development of Selah Industrial Park, the production base of Anyfun Home, in the development of advanced technology, industrial

 Internet and other aspects, which has greatly boosted the development confidence of Anyfun Home.

Introduction of Selah Industrial Park


Shandong Selah New Material Technology Co., LTD. is a Sino-foreign joint venture Company established by Selah Technology Company Limited and Rizhao Anyfun Home

Construction co., LTD., with the registered capital of USD 12 million and total investment of RMB 100,000.

Construction project covers an area of 321 mu, the project is divided into three phases: the first phase of the construction content mainly includes light gauge steel processing 

workshop and warehouse with 30,000 square meters ; office buildings and dormitory with 15,000 square meters, residential park with 1,500 square meters, the existing workshop

is about 10,000 square meters for the production of light gauge steel frame, photovoltaic support and assembly wall, the annual production capacity is about 15,000 tons, its output

can meet the requirement of 500,000 square meters;

The second phase of the construction include one plant, a total of 40,000 square meters, which is used for heavy steel high-rise building structural components processing, the annual

 output can reach 50,000 tons, it can meet the requirement of 300,000 square meters.

In the third phase, four workshops, totaling 70,000 square meters, are constructed for the production of new lightweight composite insulation panels, with an annual output of 10 million

 square meters, and it can meet the need of 8 million square meters.

Selah Industrial Park will be built for the development and manufacture of new lightweight composite insulation plate, research and development production of new energy (solar) technology and optoelectronic integrated building materials, the new modular buildings and prefabricated components, for setting up new material research and experimental development research institute, for construction of national prefabricated architectural exhibition of new materials and intelligent prefab building industrial park.