Race against time! Anyfun Home build another wall against epidemic!
Release time:2020-03-13 Number of visits:1222

On February 14, the project of Rizhao Yinjiahe Emergency Rescue Center built by Anyfun Home was successfully completed with the full support of Rizhao 

Donggang District government,Donggang District housing and urban-rural development bureau and relevant departments. 

This is another Epidemic Prevention Building completed after Epidemic Prevention Building of Rizhao People’s Hospital, it will  enhance the

 Rizhao City’s epidemic prevention and control work.

Quality projects guarantee,  quality construction first

The project of Rizhao Yinjiahe Emergency Rescue Center covers an area of more than 3,100 square meters, of which the first phase covers 2,300 

square meters.

The construction of this project adopts light gauge steel prefabricated construction technology comprehensively, realizing design standardization, 

production factorization, building prefabrication, and construction integration, which greatly reduces the workload of on-site operation, saves a lot 

of time, and maximizes the consideration of efficiency and quality.

Adhere to the spirit of Elephants to help the epidemic prevention and control work

In this battle against time, the Anyfun Home fought day and night, racing against time,  several projects have been completed, such as Epidemic 

Prevention Checkpoints and Emergency Observation Room, the city's Emergency Epidemic Prevention Ward project, the Yinjiahe Emergency Rescue 

Center project, which build anti-epidemic "wartime fortress".