Epidemic Prevention Building of Rizhao People’s Hospital was completed just in 9 days.
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After nine days of hard work,  An emergency epidemic prevention building with area of nearly 3,000 square meters was completed on February 6, 2020. 

This the Anyfun Home’s high efficiency, and the Miracle of Rizhao.

Race against time, race against the epidemic

After receiving the construction task on January 28, All staff of Anyfun Home quickly responded to the command and came back to each positions 

within 12 hours. By adoption of construction system of standardization, modularity, prefabrication, an emergency epidemic prevention building, with 

area of nearly 3,000 square meters and 68 inpatient wards, was completed by more than 300 Anyfun Home’s staffs, one days earlier than expected.

Peace and prosperity

The country is prosperous and the people live in peace

Dsun Group, Peace and Prosperity. With the good meaning given by the Elephant culture, all staffs of DSUN Group took the lead in the fight against 

the epidemic with the spirit of altruism and contributed to the construction of the project. We will overcome the epidemic and welcome the spring of vitality!

Rizhao, keep fighting!

Whuhan, keep fighting!

China, keep fighting!